Welcome to your Sales Stack Amplifier - the how and why behind leveraging technology to meet your growth goals.


Our unique approach yields effectiveness

Opportunity Assessment:
Get ready for the purposeful, gutsy conversations to determine what behavior change/s will have the greatest impact on revenue growth. Be willing to uncover internal pain and agree to simple, repeatable solutions to eliminate it. 
Technology Review and Recommendation:
Our AcousticIndex matches right tech/right team/right time. Goal: yielding the most powerful results for your unique environment. This is NOT making purchase decisions based on a side by side feature comparison. Let's magnify impact with motivating tools and eliminate distractions and robotic tasks.
Technology Proofs-of-Concept through Purchase:
Vet it. Determine criteria for success through full evaluation plan including who, what, when, why. THEN move to purchase and full scale deployment.
Lasting Change Playbook:
Simple, structured, consistent behavior and data change. Monthly metrics analysis will reveal progress and necessary adjustments. Share. Repeat. Capitalize on knowledge - amplify sales.