You are ripe for increasing sales results. You are in growth mindset mode. You want to know exactly how to be more effective. You want clarity.

Get powerful tools to remove hiccups from the sales process, empowering your team to improve relationships, maximize quota and increase earnings. AcousticSelling serves up visibility into previously unseen corners of sales interactions, enabling you to optimize for maximum impact.

VPs & CROs

You need specific, quantifiable, and verifiable customer feedback to inform your product and market strategy.


You have determined your market fit, and now need to scale your team wisely.


You’ve invested in sales training, conferences, learning management systems, etc. and want to measure your return based how your team’s actual behavior connects to revenue.


You are bringing a new product to market or are retooling an existing team to sell differently.  Message consistency and speed of measurable client engagement are crucial.


Your team’s opportunities take too long to close, go dark, shrink in size, and clog up your pipeline and forecasting.


You desire an objective assessment of your reps’ sales call performance and customer reaction compared to your playbook.


You wonder how you can make the rest of the team more like your stars.


You don’t have as much time as you’d like for individualized coaching and welcome outside assistance and expertise.


You want to infuse more teamwork, creativity, and fun into your weekly sales meetings.


You’re frustrated by not hitting your quota, deals don’t close fast, often, or big enough and you know there has to be a better way.


You want to be the best seller you can be and welcome growth, learning, and change.


You aspire to sales leadership and seek to increase your skills in mentoring and helping others.

Sales Enablement/Trainers

Your time is consumed preparing material and you don’t have insight into how the sales team executes your plan; you’d like to add real-life examples and best practices into your Learning Management System.


You don’t have measurements in place to understand precisely and objectively which materials and messages deliver the biggest sales impact.


Your success is contingent on whether the sellers adapt your program, over which you have no control.  You want to eliminate this risk.