Created and popularized by Salesforce, the V2MOM framework provides transparency into what you could expect from working with us.


Elevate the reputation of sales by making every buyer-seller interaction authentic and meaningful.



Truth to Power.  We will always tell you what we believe you need to hear, not what you want to hear, even when that goes against our financial self-interest.


Emotional Investment.  We take on your challenges as our own and will care just as much as you about the results.


Nonconformity.  We provide new perspectives, commitments, methods, and deliverables different from most other consultants.


Discretion.  In addition to keeping all your information confidential, we will never disclose the existence of our relationship without your permission.  Our clients are not "logos" or trophies for our marketing programs.


A combination of direct assessments, measurements, tools and techniques that improve process, technology usage, and lasting organizational behavior change.




With any growth opportunity comes challenges and obstacles.  The most common issues we help our clients:

  • Opening the mind to new possibilities and outcomes
  • Identifying and engaging all impacted stakeholders
  • Clarifying the desired outcomes and translating them into specific behavior, technology, and process changes
  • Measuring and Enabling Change
  • Assigning Ownership and Accountability



We measure your success by increased win rates, shorter deal cycles, higher contract value, and pipeline growth.


In addition to the above, we measure our success by CSAT scores, renewal, and add-on rates.