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We work at the speed of your startup to help you grow your sales pipeline, close more deals faster, and reduce churn.

Our Salesforce solutions have helped startups 10x revenue, enter new markets, launch new products, establish support operations through process automation, reporting and analytics, data quality, user adoption, and integrations.

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What We Can Do For You

Comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs, designed for success and growth.


Crafted with insights from industry giants, our design phase ensures impactful Salesforce implementations, minimizing complexity and maximizing value in record time.

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As certified Salesforce Architects, we sculpt user-friendly, scalable solutions, seamlessly integrating with your business and ensuring clarity at every step.

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Our custom delivery models are tailored to fit your unique needs, budget, and timeline, ensuring flexibility without the constraints of long-term contracts.

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Where We’re Coming From

In our early days as sales reps, The Relationship was king. But as technology provides more value for much less, buyer expectations  outpaced anything traditional sales could deliver.

What your startup needs is a better way to deliver more value with fewer resources. That means a strong CRM foundation that enables you to make all  your customers feel like your main priority.

The best CRM? Salesforce, of course.

We started Acoustic Selling to leverage our technical and operations expertise across more companies. To build Salesforce operations that enable you to get more done with less.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s build something together.

Yeah, We’re Certified

Armed with a suite of Salesforce certifications, we went to school so you don’t have to.

Certified System Architect -Salesforce CertificateCertified System Architect -Salesforce CertificateCertified System Architect -Salesforce CertificateCertified AI Associate -Salesforce CertificateCertified User Experience Designer  -Salesforce CertificateCertified Tableau SRM and Einstein Discovery Consultant  -Salesforce CertificateCertified Platform Developer 1 -Salesforce CertificateCertified Business Analyst -Salesforce CertificateAccredited Process Automation 
 -Salesforce CertificateCertified Administrator -Salesforce CertificateCertified System Architect -Salesforce CertificateCertified Data Architect -Salesforce CertificateCertified  Experience Cloud Consultant -Salesforce CertificateCertified Integration Architect -Salesforce CertificateCertified Development Lifecycle and Deployment Architect -Salesforce CertificateCertified Platform App Builder -Salesforce CertificateCertified Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Consultant -Salesforce CertificateCertified B2B Solution Architect -Salesforce CertificateCertified Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist -Salesforce CertificateCertified Accredited Security and Privacy -Salesforce CertificateCertified Advanced Administrator -Salesforce CertificateCertified Application Architect -Salesforce CertificateAccredited Einstein Prediction Builder - Salesforce CertificateCertified administrator - Outreach Acousticselling
“As a leading Sales Technology provider, we at Regie already know a lot about Salesforce and Outreach. However, Acoustic has raised our game even higher. Our data quality and integration has never been better. What sets Loren and Kevin apart is their ability to dig deeper into our requirements to get to the core business issues, which is leading to big improvements in our pipeline generation. Unlike other consultants, they go just as deep into our business as much as our technology.”
- Matt Millen, Co-Founder and President @
Matt Millen, Co-Founder and President

Raving Reviews from the Trailblazers!

Stories from fellow founders who fueled their sales rocketship with Acoustic Selling.

“Our loan processing loads were already high under normal conditions so we knew that we needed the ease of use and scalability of Salesforce to handle increased loads due to PPP. In the depth of the pandemic we had a narrow window of opportunity to migrate from our legacy CRM in preparation for future growth. Little did we know that window would get shortened to 6 weeks before PPP launched, which we anticipated would increase our volume. We would not have made this move without 100% confidence in AcousticSelling to guide us all the way through. They delivered beyond our expectations”

CEO, SmartBiz
Evan Singer

“As our business grows, we’re constantly striving to improve our customer experience. AcouticSelling has been instrumental in helping us get the most out of our Salesforce investment to launch new customer appreciation programs, improve internal workflows, connect marketing and sales processes, and provide deeper visibility and insights into our key business metrics. In particular, Acoustic has been very adept at delivering solutions that deliver enormous business impact and are easy to use, easy to maintain, and will scale as needed. We greatly value their partnership and support.

President, Pinnacle Promotions
Steve Jennings

AcousticSelling is a great resource and their team is super knowledgeable when it comes to all things Salesforce. Their expertise has been crucial in helping to make high-quality improvements to our sales processes with very high ROI in a short period of time. We value and trust their opinion on future recommendations for our business and have enjoyed partnering with them.

Retail and Ecommerce

Kevin and the AcousticSelling team have been a great partners to work with. Knowledgeable, efficient, always available, and able to pivot between projects seamlessly. I would absolutely work with Acoustic Selling and Kevin again and would recommend he and the team to anyone looking for SaaS solutions, administration, and architecture for their organization.

B2B SaaS

Kevin and Loren were the only Salesforce consultants I have worked with how truly understood what we were trying to do as the client. Nothing but praise for this group and team.

B2B Saas


March 1, 2024

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